Build your knowledge horizon

An AI-powered research assistant for
bridging bodies of knowledge.

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A New View on Literature Discovery

Cluster Map

An organized visualization of literature pulled from several parallel keyword searches.

Saved Searches

Search models can be saved, modified, and rerun making it easy to maintain your train of thought.

Document Upload

Incorporate locally saved documents into a search to place them on the cluster map, providing easy visual access to similar research.

Search Multiple Databases

Add any database that the researcher already has access to via work or institutional affiliations.

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Multidisciplinary Reach

Our technology is subject matter agnostic, allowing us to service all students and professionals no matter the use case.

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Expand your Knowledge Horizon

Search models and keep track of new literature that has been released. Receive email notifications when new information has been found.

“I can quickly find more relevant articles and discover new connections to studies I may not have considered with traditional search methods. I wish I had LitView when I was director of High Performance programs for Team USA.”

Scott Schnitzspahn,
previous High Performance Director at USOPC

Introducing the LitView Research Platform

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